New Series – Versus

As I read and learn new things, I find that in a lot of cases, terminology (and acronyms) can be one of the stumbling blocks to understanding. I literally have lists of definitions and acronyms scattered around my notes. Once you learn a new term, it can sometimes be helpful to compare it to other terms you may already know – associative learning.

As I’ve been reading, studying and learning about things, some things stand in stark contrast to something else. I’ve decided to try to blog some of these opposites in a new series called “versus”. For example, black vs. white. I’ll try to define each of the terms, and describe how they are opposites, and any similarities. Hopefully, this will help me solidify my learning, and potentially be entertaining and enlightening as well.


Cisco Live! 2015 tweet

I attended Cisco Live 2015 in San Diego this year. Like I did last year, I attended a class on Saturday. This time I attended an all-day lab on the Cisco APIC-EM (I hope to write a post on it soon). After the class, trying to be funny, I tweeted the following;


CLUS Tweet

Saturday Evening, @CiscoLive picked up my tweet and sent it out as “Overheard at #CLUS;


As you can see, it garnered quite a few favorites and retweets.

Sunday evening was the official tweetup. I got in the picture again;


(I’m three or so rows back on the left side.)

The really surprising thing for me was that during the intro to the Luminary Keynote on Tuesday, Karen Walker, Cisco Chief Marketing Officer, called out my tweet;

Keynote Tweet

I was actually in a lab all day, so I missed the keynote. Of all the sessions to miss, and my tweet is called out?

If you have access to CiscoLive replays, you can see it here. If you don’t have access, you can get free access to the Cisco Live! On-demand library here.

You never know which tweets will catch on. (I think I’ve heard that before.)

Famous Last Words

I was chatting with somebody on-line today, and that somebody said to me, “I need your help, it will only take a minute”. I thought to myself, They say it will only take a minute, but it never takes just a minute. These are famous last words.

Then I thought about all of those famous phrases that I’ll call “Famous Last Words”. And I started to list a few of them. Then I thought, that might be a good blog post, so, here it is.

Help me list all of the “Famous Last Words”. I’ll start;

“This will only take a minute”

“Watch this”

“I can do that!”

Add your Famous Last Words to the comments.