Cisco Live 2014 – Day 0

Day zero, since the primary Cisco Live! activities start tomorrow. Today however, you could sign up for and attend workshops (Labs). After learning the hard way from a different conference, I decided not to miss the opportunity to get some hands-on training.

So, early Sunday morning, I walked from my hotel to the Moscone Center. to attend a Nexus 7000 course.  Having never actually logged into one, it was a chance to actually run my fingers on the CLI. The good new is, its all Nexus-OS. Nothing really new there. However, the concept of Virtual Device Context (VDC) was new to me. It sounds reasonable when you read about it, but, actually logging into the device and creating a VDC, makes it somehow more real. (Does that make me a tactile-learner?)

This evening, there was a “tweetup” where you could get to meet people that have only been a twitter handle on your screen. Being somewhat new to the game of Twitter, I’ve been tweeting some things in relation to Cisco Live using the hashtag #CLUS. I even had a twitter conversation with @CiscoLive.  At any rate, I was also lucky enough to meet some of my “heroes” in the networking industry, namely, Ethan Banks (@ecbanks), Amy Renee (@amyengineer) and Tom Hollingsworth (@networkingnerd).

CLUS Tweet Up

I’m trying to meet-up (the old-fashioned way, by phone) with an old friend who is also supposed to be here, but, unfortunately, I’ve yet to make the connection.

All-in-all, a good day 0.


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