BroadSoft Connections 2013 – Day 2

Thursday was the first full day of  Broadsoft Connections.

The Opening session was the “Industry Vision Keynote”, delivered by Michael Tessler, President and CEO of BroadSoft.

Next on the agenda, was a Panel discussion, entitled; “The New Mobile Enterprise”.  The discussion was led by Paul Johnson of Bowen Advisors.  Members on the panel we Clark Peterson, of Telesphere, Davide Acovitti of Amcom, Steve Smiley of Verizon, Michael Booth of Telstra and Josbert Kester of Vodaphone. Topics included the somewhat controversial statement; “Mobility will affect business more than the PC”, “What is Unified about Unified Communications”, “How important are Over-the-Top (OTT) applications, and “How important is the WebRTC protocol” to the industry?

Before lunch, started breaking out across three tracks; Market Trends, Go-To-Market, and Technical. Of course, I attended the technical topic; “Enabling Mobile Unified Communications”.

THe afternoon was spent on work-items (non-conference), and then it was time for the evening “Solutions Showcase”. The evening Activity was a “San Diego Bay Dinner Cruise”.

It used to be, I couldn’t care less for the “big-wigs” talking about vision, or strategy, or any of that non-technical stuff. Now, I like seeing (or at least trying to see) the bigger picture. “Why would I want this technology”, “how does this technology fit with other technologies I may have interest in?” “What does the future look like with these technologies?”. I enjoyed the panel discussion. I thought the questions were thought-provoking.




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