NFD6 – Day 1 thoughts

So, I’d heard of Network Field Day from some of the bloggers I keep track of. I’ve seen some great write-ups of past year’s events, and have (not so) secretly wondered if I’d ever be invited to this prestigious event. Well, I’m still a long way from being invited to be there in person, I did by chance, discover that the event was being live-streamed. So, in effect, I actually got to see the event live, just not in person.


There were three sessions today; Spirent, Plexxi and Thousandeyes.


I missed the beginning of Spirent’s presentation, but did get to see quite a bit of the session, and heard some really good thoughts and feedback from the bloggers on-site. I look forward to the write-ups from them when they return.



I was really looking forward to the Plexxi session, since they have hit my radar a couple of times.  Ivan Pepelnjak has a good write-up on their product, and PacketPushers has a podcast with them.

As I was watching the Plexxi session, I was thinking about IBM’s most recent announcement for NeXtScale product. I can see a real use-case for the pairing of these two products. Its something I will have to delve into soon.



Unfortunately, I was unable to stay on-line to see the Thousandeyes presentation live, but the replay is here. They also tweeted a 30-day trial of their product.


Personal giddiness:

I was watching the Twitter-sphere during the presentations, since most of the bloggers in the room are also people I follow on Twitter. I made a smart-aleck comment in reply to somebody else’s comment, and ended up getting two new followers. – I know, its not that big of a deal to get somebody to follow you on Twitter, but the new followers are folks I respect, which, to me, is a big deal.




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