Tech Conference Day 1

After breakfast, main tent sessions. Then the NDA Trends and Directions session. Heard (for the first time) that Greg McNight left IBM and now works for Microsoft. Someday, I want to be a speaker as compelling and engaging as Greg McNight.

Attended first session. Was torn between 2 sessions, both one-time wonders (not repeated). Since I’ll never support SONAS, I ended up going to the networking session (will update title later).
I think the session was the “hidden gem” of the conference. I know that is a very bold statement for day 1, but the session laid out the concepts I am trying to convey in my own 10Gb Ethernet session. It brought home the point I’ve been trying to express about what “flattening the network” is and what it means for the Data Center Network.

After the regular sessions of course was the Solution Center. This is a marketing term for the Vendor booths. I enjoy the SC, because I get a chance to catch up with many of my friends, wether they are vendors or FTSS, customers, etc. Because everybody shows up.

After the SC, Cisco took many people for dinner and drinks at the Spy Museum. I had a pretty good time there as well.

All in all, I’d say day 1 went pretty well.

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